Florida Pricing Transparency

In accordance with Florida state law, Section 395.301., F.S., TGH Rehabilitation Hospital makes data regarding quality, price transparency and patient billing information available to all patients. Below you will find links to the Florida Health Finder, which includes information regarding quality metrics and service bundle pricing information.

Florida Health Finder

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration makes available on its website health-related data and hospital quality metrics, including readmissions data, mortality rates, complications rates, infections rates, patient experience and other patient safety related data. Click here to visit the quality.healthfinder.fl.gov.

Florida Health Price Finder

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration also provides information on payments made to facilities for defined service bundles. To view average payments for over 200 service bundles in Florida, click here to visit the price.healthfinder.fl.gov.

The service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services. Actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient. If you wish to request a personalized estimate from TGH Rehabilitation Hospital, please contact our billing department at 813.893.6000.

List of Standard Charges

Below you will find a link to a list of the pricing information about the items and services provided at TGH Rehabilitation Hospital. This list represents gross charges for individual services and base rates negotiated with individual insurance providers and does not reflect personalized estimates of hospital charges that may be applicable to a specific case nor is it indicative of a patient’s out-of-pocket cost.

Several factors may affect pricing, including, but not limited to the time of selection, additional expenses such as laboratory or professional fees, and additional services that depend on an individual’s specific health condition. The information is not intended to be legal, health, medical or professional advice but merely conveys general information. In addition, the price lists below does not contain any physician charges.

Shoppable Services
Standard Charges

Please contact the hospital directly at 813.893.6000 should you have any questions regarding this information.

Financial Assistance and Charity Care Policies

TGH Rehabilitation Hospital provides necessary medical care regardless of a patient’s ability to pay for services. Patients, who are admitted and are uninsured or underinsured, may qualify for financial assistance or charity care. Uninsured patients are given these guidelines and an estimate of charges upon inquiry, prior to admission. (Section 395.301(7) & (8), F.S.). Qualifying for assistance is based upon the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Our billing department staff is available to assist patients throughout the qualifying process. The following guidelines are used to determine the amount of financial assistance a patient receives. A patient’s assets and medical expenses are taken into consideration when determining the level of assistance. Patients will be asked to provide information to the TGH Rehabilitation Hospital billing office in order to determine eligibility for financial assistance or charity care.

Application for Assistance with Hospital Expenses
Financial Assistance and Charity Care Policy

Provider Physicians

TGH Rehabilitation Hospital contracts with the physicians in the attached list to provide medical services within the hospital. All physicians are independent of the hospital and bill separately for services to the guarantor for each patient. A guarantor will receive a bill from both the rehabilitation hospital and any physicians that care for the patient during the rehabilitation stay.

Please note that these physicians may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations (HMOs) as TGH Rehabilitation Hospital. You should contact the health care practitioner who will provide services to determine which health insurers and HMOs the practitioner participates in as a network provider or preferred provider. Furthermore, you may request a personalized estimate of reasonably anticipated charges from the health care practitioner for the treatment of your specific condition while at TGH Rehabilitation Hospital.

Additional physicians may be added and/or physicians may be presented under an alternate name that may be different from what is listed below. Please contact the admissions department at 813.893.6060 so that we can provide you the most current and accurate information.

Physician Listing

Contract Health Plans

TGH Rehabilitation Hospital contracts with numerous health plans as exemplified in the list below. Patients are encouraged to contact their health plan directly for confirmation of participation and/or any information regarding anticipated cost sharing responsibilities. Like the physician listing, additional plans may be added and/or plans may be presented under an alternate name that may be different from what is listed above. Please contact the TGH Rehabilitation Hospital’s admissions department at 813.893.6060 to receive the most current and accurate information.

Health Plan Provider Listing

Please click the links below to learn more about any of the health care plans: